PSDP Projects Implemented by SMEDA
Sr. Project Name Location Cost (Rs. Million) Objectives
Completed Projects
1 Agro Food Processing Facilities (AFP) Multan 207.73 A common facility center for pulp extraction of various fruits in Multan and value addition of products by introducing fruit and vegetable processing techniques.
2 Gujranwala Business Centre (GBC) Gujranwala 98.78 A Business Infrastructure facility to provide a single promotional and display platform for a range of products manufactured in Gujranwala in order to attract national and international buyers.
3 Washing & Pressing Unit Matta Mughal Khel, Charsadda 5.38 To provide professional Washing/Dry Cleaning & Pressing facility to weavers to improve quality of cloths and value addition.
4 Chromite Beneficiation Plant Khanozai 24.66 A Common Facility Center to enrich Chromite content of the ore, liberate it from unwanted impurities eventually separate the final product into uniform grain sizes.
5 Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC) Lahore 59.59 To provide a secure facility (office space, product display facility, business consultancy, training and networking) for women entrepreneurs in Lahore promoting especially home based business to move out.
6 Women Business Development Center (WBDC) Peshawar 28.41 The purpose of establishing the Business Development Centre for women is to accelerate the successful development of female entrepreneurs by providing them with an array of resources and services.
7 SME Subcontracting Exchange Gujranwala 26.09 SMEs competitive through inter-firm linkages, promoting large manufacturing to procure/subcontract from small firms.
8 Revival of Cutlery Institute of Pakistan Wazirabad 39.84 Improving craftsmanship skills by conducting short term/long training programmes for semi-skilled persons and BMR/Up-gradation of presently available Common Facility Center
9 Revival of Hyderabad Leather Footwear Center (RHLFC) Hyderabad 58.893 The purpose of this project is to revive Hyderabad Leather Footwear Center (HLFC) and train workers from footwear cluster of Hyderabad in modern machine made shoe making
10 Glass Products Design & Manufacturing Center (GPDMC) Hyderabad 59.27 To diversify the bangles manufacturing cluster into manufacturing other glass products & to introduce more suitable techniques and technology into the industry.
11 Policy & Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (PPIM&EU) Lahore 25.82 The objective of the project is to oversee implementation of the SME Policy & PSDP funded projects undertaken by SMEDA.
12 Sports Industries Development Centre (SIDC) Sialkot 435.637 A Common Facility Center with the objective to help introducing mechanized ball technology in soccer ball industry, Sialkot.
13 Sialkot Business & Commerce Center (SBCC) Sialkot 312.94 Provision of business infrastructure facility for exporters especially SMEs and strengthening partnership with local industry.
14 Foundry Service Centre (FSC) Lahore 206.31 First institutional set up to support foundry cluster, Product Dev. Support i.e. Light Engg. Sectors, Casting process optimization, Compliance with Int’l quality standards and new technology integration, Training, Consultancy & Advisory services for SMEs.
15 Women Business Development Center (WBDC) Karachi 58.84 To provide a secure facility (office space, product display facility, business consultancy, training and networking) for women entrepreneurs in Karachi promoting especially home based business to move out.
16 Women Business Incubation Center (WBIC) Quetta 58.08 The major goal of this project is to help women to develop their business skills that will enable them to compete effectively in today's marketplace.
17 CTFC for Light Engineering Cluster Mardan 39.98 The major objective of the project is to increase manufacturing capacity of the region to produce high quality Agri implements and tools.
18 Establishment of Spinning CFC-Islampur Swat 29.697 To provide the cluster with innovative methods of wool spinning resulting in cost reduction and time saving.
To provide support to the cluster activities to improve their product quality enhancing local demand and bringing them to international standards for export.
19 Establishment of CFC for Silk Cluster Swat 57.53 To improve quality of silk cloth by provision of Dyeing, Washing and Pressing plant as a common facility in the cluster.
20 Establishment of CFC for Honey Processing and Packaging Swat 38.17 To provide proper Honey Extracting & Processing facilities, Honey Cleaning and Packing facility to the Honey Bee Farmers, Honey traders and Honey exporters at their doorstep.
21 Women Business Development Center (WBDC) Swat 35.01 The establishing the Women Business Development Centre, Swat will accelerate the successful development of women entrepreneurs and promoting an entrepreneurial culture amongst women in Swat.
22 Red Chilies Processing Center (RCPC) Kunri 244.7 To Introduce & demonstrate mechanical dehydration of chilies and to Improve quality of dried chilies
23 SMEDA SME Facilitation Complex at PITAC Lahore 57.2 Facilitation of Business Development Services to SMEs
24 Spun Yarn Research and Development (R&D) Company (SYRDC) Multan 59.75 The project would enhance the competitiveness of ginning and spinning industry of the region and aims to consume waste of cotton spinning industry to convert it into valuable market product.
25 Leather Crafts Development Company (LCDC) Multan 214.01 Add value, on modern footings, in traditional craftsmanship of leather products sector and enhancing competitiveness, efficiency, quality and productivity of sector in Southern Punjab
26 Khadi Crafts Development Company (KCDC) Multan 230 To revive traditional craft of Khadi industry sector and enhancing competitiveness and Productivity of Khadi Industry in Southern Punjab
27 Juice Producing and Packaging Line for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Multan 59 Improve the market share of the local fruit and vegetable juices by utilizing efficient marketing practices
28 Fruit Dehydration Unit Swat 59.94 The objectives of the Fruit Dehydration Unit, Swat to support the fruit growers in product diversification and value addition and introduce modern technology for bulk production of hygienic products, so that the existing marginalized processors can meet the international standards.
29 Agro Food Processing Facilities (AFP) Mirpurkhas 960.318 Project aims to provide the processing/value addition facilities for pulp extraction of various fruits like Mango, Guava, Strawberry and Tomato Paste/puree etc. AFP MirpurKhas will be established as a Common Facility Center for fruits/vegetable grading & pulping to farmers and traders to facilitate trade of processed value added fruits & vegetables.

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