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1.     What is SOW?

SOW (SMEDA ONE WINDOW) is the newly launched service by SMEDA. Its aim is to provide one window solution to start-ups and SMEs. The program is being funded by National Business Development Program (NBDP) which is a Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) of SMEDA, under which each SME will be subsidized up to Rs. 25,000 in lieu of professional fees of legal services.

2.     What are the offerings of SOW?

SOW provides hassle-free, on-demand services from business idea validation to company registration so that SMEs are free to fully focus on their business. SOW will act as a single window solution for all the aspiring start-ups and SMEs in order to establish and streamline their business operations in Pakistan.

3.     What is the process of getting SOW services?

You have to visit our offices and consult with our representative .He will brief you about the SOW services and analyse if you are eligible for the services or not.

  1. If you are eligible for the SOW subsidy, we’ll finalize Business registration and Add-on services with mutual consent.
Additional services being provided free of cost if the SME opt for availing any of 04 core legal services. This briefing will be provided by representative.

  3. SME will be provided a list of mandatory documents necessary for filing of application for Sole Proprietorship / Registered AOP / LLP with SECP / Private Company Registration. However, Any kind of government registration fee cannot be claimed in SOW subsidy.

  4. SME/start-up has a choice to get the professional services from any firm / individuals of his choice or he can also select from the List of Services providers from Consultant’s Database published on SMEDA website.

  5. SMEDA under SOW program will reimburse the professional fee up to Rs. 25,000. Details of services and allied ‘Add ONs’ along with estimated time required for delivery of services, estimated minimum services charges, estimated Government fee and limit of subsidy against each services will be provided by our representative.

  6. If the SME/Start up is willing to formalize his/her business through legal services provider, SOW officer will seek approval from concerned GM through Provincial Chief.
  7. The applicant is then asked to engage professional service provider of his choice and assigned the task.

4.     What are the Core services of SOW?

If you are eligible for any of these CORE SERVICES only then you will qualify to get add-on services.

Core Services

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Registration with Registrar of Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership registered with SECP
  • Private Limited Company including Single Member Company registered with SECP

5.     What are the Add-on services of SOW?


ADD ONs (Allied Services)


·      Logo Design

·      Letter head design and/or printing

·      Business Card design and/or printing per person

·      Business Stamp

·      NTN registration (Individual & Partnership & Pvt. Limited)

·      Social media support

·      Trademark & Copy Right application filing

Sales Tax Registration

·      Provincial Revenue Board Registration (services)

·      Membership of Chamber of Commerce & Industry

·      EOBI Registration (social compliance)

·      Social Security Registration

·      Utility Connections


6.     What is the criteria for SME to use SOW service?


  • Pakistani Nationals having a valid CNIC, wants to start a business or formalize existing business
  • Any business related to manufacturing, trade or services.

7.     Is it possible if SME work with their preferred vendors for all these service and then claim the expenses in SOW?

Yes, it is possible if SME wants to work with their preferred service provider and then file a request for reimbursement. The final decision of reimbursement will be taken by SMEDA committee after thorough investigation.