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Impact & Benefits

Impact on the Economy

The establishment of SOW will have the following impacts:

  1. Making businesses in Pakistan more competitive and enhancing the attractiveness of the country to foreign investors.
  2. Establishing customized helpdesks to facilitate compliance of regulatory procedures, will make modern government services more accessible to new startups, SMEs and foreign investors across the country.
  3. Increasing the amount and quality of information available about economic activity in Pakistan, which helps improve policy decisions and monitor results.

SOW initiative to enable conducive business environment by attempting to reduce hassles in formalization of business and limiting business-Government interface, will encourage investors, both large and small, domestic and foreign, to start their businesses in Pakistan.

Benefits to SMEs

The consolidation of the current federal and provincial government procedures into simplified processes through One Window service benefits entrepreneurs directly. Smaller enterprises which suffer disproportionately from the burden of compliance are likely to be the greatest beneficiaries of this process of administrative simplification. Formalizing one’s business is an initial step by which an enterprise can expand business and strive to ensure its success. It not only helps in reducing liability, but lesser tax tolls will mean that SMEs can focus on optimizing the returns. If SMEs are unsure which business structure is right for them, SMEDA’s SOW can help in determining the right options for them. In this way, tedious and repetitive regulatory requirements can be taken off from SMEs plate. The best part is that SOW services are designed to fit all type of enterprises and SMEDA’s experts can help them in completing the mundane tasks faster and at a reasonable cost. The service will facilitate in developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing services to SMEs to address the following issues.

  • SMEs benefit from improved access to better services
  • Increased compliance with law
  • Services are designed to fit all type of enterprises by providing subsidy in service fee.
  • Provides guidance on requirements according to the business structure
  • Better performance of public administration results in cost savings
  • Taking care of regulatory impediments
  • Positive impact on Government budget
  • More positive perception of  the Government
  • Improved relationship between the government and the people
  • Trigger for other reforms