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SME Business Helpline - FAQs

Online Thematic Helpdesk - FAQs

Virtual Helpdesk - FAQs


Online Training - FAQs


1.     What is SMEDA Online Training Service?

SMEDA online training service is a skill based training Programme. The aim of this training is to develop skills of SMEs which will help them to manage their business effectively.

2.     Which medium SMEDA does use to conduct Online Training Programme?

All trainings are being conducted on Zoom App.

3.     What is the procedure of registration for online training Programmes?

Registration link will be provided in the broacher/email/ Official Facebook Page. You can register yourself by using that link and we will email you the Zoom meeting Information on your provided email.

4.     How can I get update about SMEDA’s upcoming Online Training Programme?

All the information about our upcoming Online Training Programme will be available on our Official Facebook Pages.

5.     Who can attend Online Training Programme?

SME owners and their staff who wants to enhance their business related skills.

6.     Do I have to pay for SMEDA’s Online Training Programmes?

No, SMEDA’s Online Training Programme are free of cost and available on first come first serve basis.

7.     On which topic Online Training Programme are being conducted?

We conduct Online Training Programme on various topics to cater all business needs of SMEs.

8.     Can more than one person from same SME can register for Online Training Programme?

Yes, any number of people from same SME can participate in our Online Training Programme.

 9.     Can we discuss or specific queries with consultant during Online Training Programme?

You can submit your question which will be addressed at the end of the training session.

10.  I have previously attended an online training session. Do I need to register again for each program?

Yes, you have to register again for every training program you want to attend.


SME Business Helpline - FAQs


11.  What is SME Business Helpline?

It is an on call business information service which is launched to provide instant business information to the SME’s.

12.  On which kind of issues would I get help through this helpline?

Information will be provided for the queries related to following topics:

1. Pre-Feasibility Studies & others Services
2. Business registration (Individual, AOP, Company with SECP)
3. Import/Export Procedures (Including WEBOC)
4. Federal & Provincial Business Licenses
5. Sales Tax on Goods/ Services & E-Filing (e-FBR)
6. Income Tax & E-filing (e-FBR)

13.  What are the timings of SME Business Helpline?

The service can be utilized from Mon-Fri during 9AM – 5PM.

14.  Can we discuss our problem in detail on helpline?

SME Business Helpline purpose is to provide initial information, if you want to discuss your problem in detail you can visit our offices.

15.  Who can get information from the SME Business helpline?

SME owners and their staff who wants to get instant information on the areas listed above.

16.  Do I have to pay for SME Business Helpline?

No, SME Business Helpline is a free of cost service.

17.  Can we discuss our specific queries on SME Business Helpline?

Brief information will be provided about specified topics, however for more details kindly visit any of our office nearest to you.


Online Thematic Helpdesk - FAQs


18.   What is Online Thematic Helpdesk?

SMEDA Online Thematic Helpdesk is a One to One Consultancy service for SMEs. Here we arrange Industry Experts /Consultant with whom SME’s can discuss their specific business queries.

19.   What services are offered by SMEDA Online Thematic Helpdesk?

In Online Thematic Helpdesk SMEs can discuss any problem relevant to the topic or Consultant Expertise. Consultant will then briefly guide SME about the problem and suggest solution to resolve the query.

20.   What modes can be used to approach SMEDA Online Thematic Helpdesk?

SMEDA Online Thematic Helpdesk is being conducted through Zoom / WhatsApp.

21.   What is the procedure for getting Online Thematic Helpdesk services from SMEDA?

To get appointment with the consultant you have to register yourself by using online link, which will be available in the brochure, Email or on our Facebook page.

22.   How can I get update about upcoming Online Thematic Helpdesk?

All the information about our upcoming Online Thematic Helpdesk will be available on our Official Facebook Pages.

23.  Is Online Thematic Helpdesk is a training Program?

No Online Thematic Helpdesk is a One to One Consultancy service where you get 15-20 min with consultant. You can discuss your specific business query with him and he will provide his consultancy accordingly.

24.  Who can attend Online Thematic Helpdesk?

SME owners and their staff who wants to discuss their business queries with experts and get consultancy.

25.  Do I have to pay for SMEDA’s Online Thematic Helpdesk services?

No, Online Thematic Helpdesk service is free of cost and available on first come first serve basis.

26.  On which topic Online Thematic Helpdesk is being conducted?

We conduct Online Thematic Helpdesk on various topics to cater business needs of all SMEs.

27.  How much time will we get with consultant during Online Thematic Helpdesk?

You will get 15-20 min with the consultant to discuss your business related query.

28.  What about Information confidentiality?

All the information exchanged with consultant during session will be kept confidential.


Virtual Helpdesk - FAQs


29.  What is SMEDA Virtual Help Desk?

Virtual Help Desk is designed and customized to respond clients with an internal support system through designated SMEDA officers as well as by engaging sector experts while organizing sector specific online helpdesks. SMEDA Helpdesk provides a range of services from Project Identification to Project Implementation including Business Plan Development, Assistance in Raising Finance, Financial Advice, Management Services, Technical Services, Marketing Services (Branding, Promotion, Labelling, and Packaging etc.), Regulatory Services and Information Services.

30.  How and where can I get information about this service?

All the information regarding the virtual help desk is available at the website of SMEDA:  Besides, you can contact the nearest office of SMEDA.

31.  Who can opt for this service?

All small and medium enterprises (startups and existing businesses) are eligible for this service.

32.  How would I know that my query has been submitted?

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

33.  Will I need to visit the SMEDA’s Office to acquire the service?

No, the service will be provided through phone and WhatsApp.

34.  Will there any fees be charged for this service?

No, it is free of cost.

35.  What type of queries can be asked?

Any business related query like financial, legal, technical and administrative issues of SMEs can be asked.

36.  Can a non-resident Pakistani apply?

Yes, a non-resident Pakistani can also apply for this service.

37.  If I miss the appointment, will I still be getting the service?

For that, you will need to get appointment again.

38.  Will I need to call at the time specified in appointment?

No, SMEDA official will contact you.

39.  What are the timings of counselling service?

The counselling timing is between 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

40.  How much time will it take to receive the service?

You will get the service at the time specified in appointment.