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Information Resource Centre - (IRC) Library

SMEDA Information Resource Centre (IRC) has been established to cater to the information needs of SMEs and stakeholders from both the public and private sectors. IRC maintains a collection of more than 3400 books and CD-ROMs/DVDs besides subscribing leading newspapers and more than 20 journals of international repute on diverse business sections and related fields. A number of full text online journals are also available for SMEs and researchers on different fields of knowledge. IRC collection consists of databases, directories, reports, yearbooks, annual reports, and loose-leaf material that are available for easy retrieval through latest library management tools. Hard format of training programs conducted by SMEDA are also available in IRC. SMEDA IRC collection is increasing by an aggregate 10 % every year. 

SMEDA-IRC serves as an information repository for entrepreneurs, research students, academicians and other business stakeholders. IRC is information resource sharing partner with a number of public & private organizations. It acquires information material from partner organizations in case of non availability of specific resources.

SMEDA IRC offers:-

  • Library Catalogue
  • Conducive environment for reading and research
  • Free of cost reference services
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (available on intranet)
  • Proactive information dissemination services
  • Facility of photocopies, print outs on subsidized charges
  • Free web surfing

IRC services for SMEs:-

  • provision of list of importers, exporters and traders
  • provision of Pre-feasibilities Studies and Regulatory Procedures
  • provision of information regarding custom tariffs for imports & exports
  • know-how guides for new business start-ups
  • provision of articles from various journals and newspapers subscribed by SMEDA IRC.
  • provision of the contact details of business establishments in selected field
  • provision of statistical data on various sectors of the economy
  • provision of up-to-date trade related statistics
  • availability of SMEDA publications
  • customized information to SMEs

IRC regularly subscribes:-

  • PC-TAS (SITC & HS) 
    CD-ROM database developed by International Trade Centre provides five years’ trade statistics globally
  • CBI Market Surveys (in CD-ROM)
    CBI stands for Centre for the Promotion of Imports from the developing countries
    IRC regularly subscribes surveys, conducted by CBI, of European Union markets.
  • International Directory of Importers by Interdata, USA (both in hard & soft form)
    This directory provides an up-to-date contact detail of importers globally.
  • Jamal’s Yellow Pages of Pakistan (both in hard & soft form)
    Contains information regarding contact details of business, industry, embassies, banks etc. in Pakistan
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