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SME Business Facilitation Center (SMEBFC) – Multan

Location: Multan, Punjab.

Status: Project is approved by DDWP.


The Project is about establishing SME Business Facilitation Center at Multan. The facilitation center, managed by SMEDA, will act as a one-stop facility for the development requirements of SMEs of Multan regional. The Center will provide information, products and services related to marketing, technology, support in access to finance, regulatory compliance, business registration, corporatization, taxation and capacity building support and services to the SMEs and potential entrepreneurs.

Project Objectives

Following are the key objectives of the project:

  • Data collection on need based support services requirements of SMEs through field visits to SME business locations. This will also include organizational profiling for developing linkages with larger firms for business process outsourcing including but not limited to manufacturing, marketing and distribution.
  • Identification, capacity building and networking of business development service providers for delivery of sustainable business development services to the SMEs.
  • Programmed networking with regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry (CCIs), Associations and Trade Bodies for improved working relationships & understanding of grassroots requirements leading to effective advocacy, program development & delivery.
  • Networking with Financial Institutions for capacity building of their field staff for SME financing - Implementation Support.
  • Develop programs and products for handholding of SMEs in developing investment proposals and supervised interaction with Bank officials for easy access to formal credit.
  • Information dissemination regarding corporatization, Taxation and other regulatory procedures and compliance requirements to different segments of SMEs.
  • Provide office space to the public sector institutions particularly attached SME focused departments/institutions of MoI&P, for extending services including but not limited to corporatization, technology up-gradation, taxation, regulatory compliance, capacity building, and productivity enhancement.

Benefits To SMEs / Outcomes

  • Taking services to SME doorsteps through field visits enabling development of much needed data base of local SMEs verified through geo tagging and identified service requirements through structured instruments.
  • Identification, capacity building and networking of business development service providers to facilitate delivery of demand based services in a sustainable manner.
  • Delivery of need based training programs.
  • Identification of region specific investment opportunities and Over the Counter (OTC) products development.
  • Facilitation of SMEs by the counterpart organizations for corporatization, capacity building, technology, intellectual property and taxation related matters.
  • Database developed for 1,000 SMEs with profiles and identified BDS requirements.
  • Establishment of Service Providers Networks &having membership of 40 individuals / firms.
  • Conduct 210 demand based training programs for 5,000 SMEs.
  • Identify 12 region specific investment opportunities and OTC products developed.

Honey Processing & Packaging Common Facility Center - Mingora Swat


  • To provide proper Honey Extracting & Processing facilities, Honey Cleaning and Packing facility to the Honey Bee Farmers, Honey traders and Honey exporters at their doorstep.
  • To add value through better bottling & packing.
  • Improve quality of the product through state of the art technology.
  • Increase profitability through lower transportation costs.
  • To open up new markets and increase export of Honey by providing the international standard facility to the cluster stakeholders.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has attained self-sufficiency in honey production and is now able to export prime quality produce at competitive prices in the open global markets. Honey industry of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is spread over in different districts of the province. There are many types of honey produced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but Seder (Ber in Urdu) and Acacia Modesta (Plai in Urdu) are produced more in quantity. The total numbers of the bee keepers entrepreneurs (farm) in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is about 3800 and the direct employment in these farms are 17500 people.

Malakand Division has got unmatched potential in Marble, Granite, Gems, Hydel Power Generation, Horticulture, Apiculture (Honey Bee Farming) and Tourism sectors. These opportunities are translated into establishment of several industries and thousands of informal setups.


A modern honey processing plant with quality control functions and capabilities to produce refined, high quality product is an imperative requirement in the state. It would position Malakand as a key honey processing center and would assist in realization of higher value margins for the final product. It would also enable the area to increase its share in the lucrative market.


The common facility center will provide the following services:

  • Sophisticated equipment to process apiary as well as forest honey
  • Production of refined high quality honey for bulk consumption
  • Modern processing @ Rs. 6/Kg and packaging @ Rs. 3/Kg
  • Capacity to process approximately 2000 kg of honey in an 8 hour shift
  • Capacity to package1500-2000 bottles (1 kg)


Provincial Chief
SMEDA Regional Office
Ground Floor, State Life Building, The Mall, Peshawar Cantt.
Tel: 92-91-111-111-456, 92-91-9213046-7 Fax: 92-91-286908

Foundry Service Centre - Lahore

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), in collaboration with University of Engineering & Technology (UET) and Pakistan Foundry Association (PFA), established Foundry Service Centre (FSC) for providing training services as well as undertaking applied research for the development and production of prototype castings for foundry industry. The project was being funded by Government of Pakistan and the land for the project was provided by UET, Lahore. SMEDA as the project executing agency successfully completed the project execution for establishing the Foundry Service Centre and handed over the centre to UET, Lahore for continuity and sustainability of the centre.

FSC facilitates in addressing the issue of acute shortage of trained and qualified workforce, lack of designing, simulation, testing and prototype development because in the absence of these facilities casting and pattern design totally rely on the trial and error experimentation method leading to high wastages before final product. This centre helps to increase awareness in production as well as different manufacturing routes in local foundry industry so as to compete in international market.

The center is designed specifically as a common facility center to provide impetus towards the development and growth of the foundry sector. It offers a wide range of services including the following at nominal rates to the industry:

·    Design and Casting Simulation Services
·    Computerized Patternmaking
·    Conventional Machining
·    Prototype Production
·    Materials Testing & Inspection
·    Casting Crack Detection
·    Sand Testing
·    Physical Testing
·    Chemical Analysis
·    Metallographic Testing
·    Consultancy Services
·    Floor shop level/ Industrial visit
·    Training Services
·    Melting and Casting Facilities

Other Need Based Training as per industry requirements


Foundry Service Centre
Opposite Gate No. 5, University of Engineering & Technology
G.T. Road, Lahore
Tel: 042-99250427-8 

Dyeing , Washing & Pressing CFC for Silk Cluster - Mingora Swat


  • To support local community by providing the means for sustainable livelihood by improving and creating economic activity.
  • To improve quality of silk cloth by provision of Dyeing, Washing and Pressing plant as a common facility in the cluster.
  • To provide support to the cluster activities in the shape of technical knowhow on the subject to improve their product quality enhancing local demand and bringing them at par with national standards.
  • To provide the cluster with innovative methods of improved dyeing, washing and pressing methods for cost reduction, value addition and time saving.
  • To develop diversified products in the cluster
  • Create market linkages locally and national Level to increase the income of the producers in the cluster.


The cluster of Silk yarn units is located on G.T. Road Rahimabad, Mingora, in District Swat. This Cluster currently comprises of around 75 units in operation, as compared to the situation a few years back when Swat was considered as a major cluster of Silk and had more than 400 units. The average unit size of each unit is forty (40) power looms with one labour for each loom. The labour force is mostly locals though previously some of the labour force and most of the experts and managers were from Punjab. Swat was an under-developed area and incentives by the Federal Government of Pakistan in 1964-65 resulted in making it an industrial hub with major clusters of silk units and cosmetic manufacturers.


The establishment of Dyeing, Washing & Pressing facility will improve product quality, result in employment generation and boost economic activity in the region. By up-gradation of the machinery new product lines will be developed which will help the community in grabbing more market opportunities and will increase the market share. Seventy five (75) units of the cluster are still surviving in the market when militancy in the region increased resulting in Military operation in May 2009. The proposed project would support in revitalization of the industry in the region and would also help in revival of the closed silk manufacturing units.


The common facility center will offer the following services:

  • Provision of machinery for business purposes at nominal charges
  • Training services to enable Washing / Dyeing / Pressing capabilities
  • Training services to enable Designing / Branding & Marketing capabilities
  • Training services to assist in Costing, Management, Book Keeping


Provincial Chief
SMEDA Regional Office
Ground Floor, State Life Building, The Mall, Peshawar Cantt.
Tel: 92-91-111-111-456, 92-91-9213046-7 Fax: 92-91-286908

Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre - SBCC


Main objectives of the project are to promote and export of products from Sialkot based Industries, provision of business infrastructure facility for exporters especially SMEs and provide One-Stop-Shop for International buyers. 


Sialkot is a major export oriented city of Pakistan. Sialkot is known internationally as a producer of quality products in sports goods, surgical instruments, leather garments, gloves & accessories, sportswear and musical instruments. The local craftsmen produce immaculate products while export oriented entrepreneurs ensure that products reach international destinations. Presently 400,000 people are engaged directly or indirectly with export activities. Annual export earnings of the city are more than US $ 2 billion.

Sialkot city is under a process of development, the concept of marketing products is taking grounds with an objective of increasing exposure to international markets, industry people need business infrastructure to secure as marketing and selling hubs. There is increasing need of giving our products more exposure and making them reachable for the customer. Another important thing is that business visitors avoid hassle of visiting multiple locations so if they are provided with single place where they can find a full representation of the industry. Sialkot Business Center can help in achieving these targets.


Keeping in view the importance of display and export potential of SMEs in Sialkot City, this project is related to setting up a Common Facility Center. Apart from product display the Business Centres provide a venue for business meetings, facilitate business to business communication using modern facilities e.g. internet, fax, and other e-commerce tools. Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre (SBCC) is an eight storey building with total covered area of approximately 101,823 sq ft.


Sialkot Business & Commerce Centre, Sialkot is a shared facility and is offering following services:

  • Exhibition Halls
  • Auditorium and Meeting Rooms
  • Business Incubation Offices
  • Residential Rooms
  • Business Facilitation Centre


Mr. Fouzan Muhammad
Project Director - SBCC
C/O Paris Road
Tel: 052-4263305, 4263310
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.sbcc.org.pk

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