Wooden Furniture - Gujrat [2019]

Wooden Furniture - Gujrat [2019]
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05 March 2019
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Furniture carries a significant value in everyone’s life as it is one of the items that are widely used in every household and organization. Furniture items include Bedroom Furniture, Dinning Room Furniture, Drawing Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture and Office Furniture. Though, furniture can be made of plastic, wood and metal. However, wooden furniture is the most popular furniture in existence.

Furniture industry in Pakistan is predominantly scattered in the cities of Chiniot, Peshawar, Gujrat, Karachi and Lahore. Each city has its own identity and the products that come from it hold true to their personality and reputation. Chiniot is known for its intricate carvings, Peshawar for its sturdy domestic furniture, Gujrat for its bulky solid wood furniture, Karachi for its contemporary designs and Lahore for its highly mechanized office and domestic furniture set-ups.

Gujrat is well known for the production of its top quality furniture all over Pakistan and was famous for its furniture manufacturing even before the independence because of the availability
of cheap skilled labor. The estimated overall furniture sale from Gujrat is about Rs. 4,5001 million per annum. Majority of the wooden manufacturers in Gujrat are operating on traditional methods with minimal use of advance technology or machines. The industry is heavily reliant on semiautomated or hand operated tools and equipment that makes the industry labor intensive and less productive. Primarily, manufactures are more focused to produce traditional design of furniture instead of adopting modern furniture manufacturing and designing practices.

Presently, Gujrat furniture cluster is comprising of around 4502 manufacturing units. Majority of the units are of small and medium sizes with exception of few large ones. The cluster is providing direct employment opportunities to around 15,000 people.

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