Electrical Home Appliances - Gujranwala [2019]

Electrical Home Appliances - Gujranwala [2019]
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02 May 2019
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Gujranwala is playing a major role to support the economy of Pakistan. It is an industrially developed district in the country. Keeping in view the availability of raw-material and skilled labor, Gujranwala district supports a variety of industries. It is considered manufacturing hub of electrical home appliances, light engineering goods, kitchen utensils, plastic products and ceramic sanitary ware.

Electrical Home appliances industry initially originated from the fan industry that existed at a small scale level in the nearby city of Gujrat before the partition. Since, Gujranwala was already famous for the production of iron, steel and other metal products, so the appliances manufacturing flourished in Gujranwala region.

There are approximately four hundred electrical home appliances manufacturing units in Gujranwala city and adjoining areas. Majority of the units are small and cottage level with exception of few large ones, with famous brand name across Pakistan. Largely, small and cottage level units are operating as sub-contractors of large units operating in Gujranwala and other major cities in Pakistan, such as Lahore, Karachi, Gujrat etc. The small scale units are the actual back bone of this industry as they provide employment to a large number of people and collectively account for more than 90 percent of the domestic market.

The cluster predominantly comprises of semi-mechanized manufacturing facilities with limited automation and adaptation of latest technology. Over the years this cluster has expanded and
resulted in a big chain of home appliances manufacturing concerns in the area and is still growing. Around 4,500 people are directly employed by the cluster with an overall investment close to PKR 1,400 million.

Defining the Products

Home appliances, also termed as domestic appliances, are predominantly electrical machines, which helps in household functions, such as cooking, cleaning or food preservation. Home appliances can be broadly categorized into three classifications, which includes, small appliances, major appliances and consumer electronics.

The main products of the domestic electrical goods produced in the cluster mainly include the following:

  • Electric Fans (all types)
  • Washing Machines and Spin Dryers
  • Room Air Cooler
  • Electric Motors and Pumps
  • Stabilizers
  • Tube Light Fitting
  • Electric Heaters, Geyser and Ovens

The production of Fans, Washing Machines, Air Coolers and Motor & Pumps dominates the manufacturing of appliances in the cluster. The cluster is advancing towards the production of consumer electronics made of plastic.

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