Electrical Fittings - Sargodha [2019]

Electrical Fittings - Sargodha [2019]
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22 April 2019
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Electrical fittings and accessories are the necessary component of every household, office and other commercial buildings. A plastic material called Bakelite is normally used to prepare the electrical fittings and accessories. The major portion of electrical fittings industry is concentrated in unorganized sector, with large presence of small and medium enterprises. Sargodha, Karachi and Lahore are major clusters of electrical fittings production in the country.

Sargodha is well known for the production of quality electrical fittings in Pakistan. The manufacturing of electrical fittings in Sargodha can be traced back to 1960 with the opening of RCI factory. The factory produced the goods for 10 years before it was closed down in the year 1970 due to unforeseen circumstances. The workers who had developed an awareness and skills
for production processes started to produce electrical fittings at small scale. With the passage of time, more units were formed and now around 70%1 of Pakistan’s Bakelite products, especially electrical fittings, are being produced in Sargodha. The major supply of electrical accessories to units of other cities like Karachi and Lahore is also from Sargodha.

Presently, Sargodha electrical fittings cluster is comprising of around 3602 manufacturing units. Majority of the units are operating as a cottage of small scale levels in unorganized sector. However, organized sector comprises of a few large and medium size units as well. Bush Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. Brothers and Hero Industries dominate the organized market in this industry. The cluster is providing direct employment opportunities to around 10,000 people.

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