Auto Body Parts Manufacturing - Mandi Bahauddin [2019]

Auto Body Parts Manufacturing - Mandi Bahauddin [2019]
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18 March 2019
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The first auto body part manufacturing unit was established in Mandi Bahauddin in 1980. The initial focus of auto body parts manufacturing was limited to tractors, buses and truck parts, especially for after sales market. Later on manufacturers started to produce parts of other automobiles as well. However, the major focus of the cluster still remains to cater for the need of after sales market.

Majority of auto body parts manufacturing units in Mandi Bahauddin are family owned businesses. The owners of the businesses are less educated and majority of them have no formal technical educations. However, their knowledge about materials, machinery and production is quite substantial, which is gained over the time through personal experiences of running and managing the parts manufacturing operations.

The Mandi Bahauddin Auto Body Parts Cluster is highly decentralized and fragmented in terms of the size, production capabilities and location. Majority of the units are of small size and are unorganized with exception of few large ones. Presently, there are around 55 manufacturing units1 with an overall direct employment of around 1,000 people. The units are operating on conventional lines with very minimal technological advancement. Manufacturers suffers from a variety of issues namely; technological obsolescence, low level of product standardization, lack of education and skilled labor.

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