Courier Service [Rs. 22.47 million, Jun-2021]

Courier Service [Rs. 22.47 million, Jun-2021]
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09 July 2021
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The proposed project is about establishing a Courier Service. The subject project is recommended to be operative from 30 different locations of Pakistan. The prevalence of such facility would add economic benefits in the country and would add number of direct and indirect employment. Initial movement of shipments would be through Daewoo/Local transport from city to city. From where delivery boys will collect, record and deliver to the destination.

Currently the project is being designed / proposed for major cities that are densely populated but the same can be proposed for other cities which can fulfill input and requirements of the project.

The Courier Service has the capacity of approximately 429,000 bookings annually and will be operational for 330 days a year. Initially the Courier Service will be operated at 70% of capital utilization and will increase it by 5% annually. The Maximum capacity utilization will be 95%.

The total project investment is Rs. 22,470,550/- with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 27% and Net Present Value (NPV) of 9,304,510/-. The total project investment would be paid back in 3.69 years.

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