Fluorite Mining [Rs. 67.55 million, May-2020]

Fluorite Mining [Rs. 67.55 million, May-2020]
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26 June 2020
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The project Fluorite Mining would comprise on the mining of the mineral fluorite and unit would be located in Loralai and other promising areas of Balochistan or where fluorite deposits are available in all over Pakistan. This project will focus on the mining aspect of the value chain. Fluorite is produced for the steel and glassware industries.

The fluorite mine has the capacity of producing approximately 6,500 tons annually and will be operational for 330 days a year and 12 hours a day. Initially the fluorite mine will be operated at 65% of capital utilization and will increase it by 5% annually. The Maximum capacity utilization will be 95%.

The total project investment is Rs. 67,550,232/- with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 33% and Net Present Value (NPV) of 69,243,908/-. The total project investment would be paid back in approximately 3.68 years.

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