Leather Goods - Sialkot [2020]

Leather Goods - Sialkot [2020]
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13 February 2020
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Sialkot is known internationally as a producer of quality products in sports goods, surgical instruments, leather goods, sportswear and musical instruments. The local craftsmen produce immaculate products while export oriented entrepreneurs ensure that products reach international destinations. More than 200,000 people are engaged directly or indirectly with export activities, while the export earnings of the city hover around US $ 2,200 million.

Sialkot is very famous city for the production of leather and leather products from decades. Initially the leather was produced to manufacture footballs some 100 years back. Later on during early 1970’s, the production of leather gloves started soon followed by leather garments. In 1980’s the artificial leather replaced natural leather in production of football.

Consequently, the tanners producing leather for football manufacturers switched to production of leather for gloves, garments and other leather accessories. This led to emergence of leather products manufacturing industry in Sialkot. The industry focused its exports to Europe and USA, mostly producing leather gloves and motor bike garments. Karachi was the main cluster of leather garments and had strong presence in North America and Europe. During the 1990’s, exports from Sialkot started to flow into the North American market and the volumes also increased in the European markets. Presently, Sialkot share in Pakistan’s exports of leather garments, gloves, and club wears is around 65%, 90%, and 70% respectively.

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