Food Certifications - Pakistan [2020]

Food Certifications - Pakistan [2020]
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22 January 2020
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Safety is one of the key factors in the food industry. Both consumers and health authorities demand that the food we consume offer high levels of quality and safety throughout the entire production chain and until its consumption by people. If there is a problem, it is necessary to identify its causes quickly and solve it as soon as possible. Therefore, there is a wide range of regulations and a large number of certifications that can guarantee food safety so that its consumption is suitable for certain consumer groups.

Basically, certifications are documentary proofs of fulfillment of a series of key requirements stipulated to safeguard food products.

Keeping in view the importance of certifications for food related business this particular document intends to provide a brief overview of most common certification requirements for local food business community.

These certifications generally ensure to comply with certain legal as well as voluntary nature obligations.

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