Inland Fish Farming [Rs. 3.83 million]

Inland Fish Farming [Rs. 3.83 million]
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05 September 2019
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Inland Fish Farming is proposed to be located primarily in warm areas of Pakistan having a water temperature range of 5 - 35 degree centigrade. It is suggested that the farms may be established in any part of the country if the available land meets the criteria of pond construction with availability of abundant quality water.

Fish is a nutritious product, widely consumed around the world in verities of food items. They are used in various traditional dishes such as Amritsari Fish, Tandoori Fish, Fish Tikka and Fish Pakora etc. and also consumed in modern dishes like burgers, pizzas and canned products. In addition, fish are also used in medicine and animal feed industry. Such factors contribute to making fish farming a viable project for investment

Though fish farm can be planned and started with one acre of land area but the minimum economical unit is of 8 acre. As pond fish culture is preferred and most convenient way of fish culture under prevailing conditions, land with at least 40 % clay content and less than 20% sand is appropriate to start a fish farm due to its acceptable water retention capability. Grass carp, silver carp, Rohu, Morkahi, Bighead Carp and Catla are cultured in warm areas of the country, whereas Mahasheer in hilly areas, and Trout in cold regions.

All these species can be cultured in the temperature range of 5-35 degree centigrade. The project would start operations at project capacity of 70% i.e. 9,450 (8,505 fish after 10% mortality) fish of different species at year 01. Total Cost Estimates is Rs. 3.834 Million with fixed investment of Rs. 3.368 Million and working capital of Rs. 0.466 Million. Given the cost assumptions, Project Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and payback are 27 % and 4.50 years respectively.

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