Sheep Fattening Farm [Rs. 3.75 million]

Sheep Fattening Farm [Rs. 3.75 million]
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09 August 2019
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Sheep Fattening Farm is proposed to be located at suitable areas of Balochistan. The project is related to Sheep fattening purposes, the total capacity is 750 Sheep with initial utilization of 70% (525 sheep). Project Cost Estimate is Rs. 3.759 Million with fixed investment of Rs. 1.939 Million and working capital Rs. 1.819 Million. Given the cost assumptions, IRR and payback are 40% and 3.85 years respectively and NPV is Rs. 10,392,616.

The most critical considerations or factors for success of the project are

  1. Selection of Quality Sheep
  2. Farm Management

Livestock in Balochistan holds great potential towards contributing to increased incomes of the farmers. Growth in output has varied over the years, but in general has barely kept pace with population growth.

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