Baking & Confectionery - Lahore [2019]

Baking & Confectionery - Lahore [2019]
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02 April 2019
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Lahore is the capital city of the province of Punjab, and is the country’s second-most populous city after Karachi. Lahore is the one of the most established cities of Pakistan in terms of Industries, education and economic activities. The population is growing and industry is seeing a boom. The food business is growing all over Pakistan especially in Lahore. The District is playing a leading role in bakery products production. Lahore is home to many of the biggest bakery and food chains.

The baking industry in Lahore has seen many changes in the last twenty-five years. It has emerged as a small-scale bakery processing industry to numerous industrial baking units across the city. The baking industry in Lahore is flourishing very quickly and baking products are gaining much popularity. Baked products have been accepted as popular substitute of rice, naan and chappati. Baked goods are substitute for roti (flatbread), which is an important part of every Pakistani meal. With the passing time, urban lifestyle has become busier than ever, bread became an important part of meals especially for breakfast. There are around 150 baking and confectionery units operating in Lahore and suburbs.

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