Fruit Dehydration Unit [Rs. 18.76 million, Jun-2017]

Fruit Dehydration Unit [Rs. 18.76 million, Jun-2017]
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22 June 2017
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Fruit Dehydration Unit is proposed to be located at area of AJK, Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan, KP, Punjab, and Sindh with adequate supply of required fruits at low costs.

Product(s) include Fruit Dehydration Unit
Capacity: Installed capacity 48.96 Tons and initial utilization [34.27 Tons, 70%]
Total Cost Estimates is [Rs. 18,764,619] with fixed investment [Rs. 9,382,309] and working capital [Rs. 9,382,309]
Given the cost assumptions IRR and payback are [40%] and [3.03 years] respectively

The most critical considerations or factors for success of the project are:

  • Abundance of required low cost fruits to ensure optimum working days and capacity utilization.
  • Effective Marketing campaign.
  • Suitable location with availability of electric power and access roads.
  • Daily supply and processing of Fruits due to being highly perishable.
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