Decoration & Catering Services [Rs. 9.59 million, Dec-2021]

Decoration & Catering Services [Rs. 9.59 million, Dec-2021]
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31 December 2021
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A Decoration & Catering business is supposed to be a very viable business these days considering the propensity of the public to celebrate and adorn their celebrations competitively to be at par with others.

The Decoration & Catering business in this prefeasibility is proposed to be located at a commercial locality or an area with a considerable number of event arenas such as banquets, halls, and lawns.

Services include providing decoration and catering for events and functions such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events, etc. All decoration equipment will be owned by the business whereas catering will be acquired from third party i.e., Pakwan Houses.

The business will cater to around 150 events in the first year of operation and will generate estimated revenue of 49.5 million (if catering is also acquired).

Total estimated cost of starting this business is Rs. 9,595,000 with fixed investment of Rs. 8,419,000 and working capital of Rs. 1,176,000. Given the cost assumptions, IRR and payback are 43% and are 2.5 years respectively.


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