Grapes Farm [Rs. 4.27 million, Sep-2018]

Grapes Farm [Rs. 4.27 million, Sep-2018]
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01 October 2018
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‘Grape Farming’ is gaining tremendous popularity among the local farming community and is being practiced in many areas of Pakistan, especially in Baluchistan, KPK and South Punjab.

This particular pre-feasibility is for cultivation of different varieties of seedless grapes spreading over an area of 5 acres. The main varieties to be cultivated are ‘Thompson’, ‘Red Globe’, ‘Cardinal’, ‘Sultana’, ‘Narc Black’, etc. The total time from land preparation and sowing of grapes plant to produce fruits, is around 1 year. Whereas, productive life of a plant to produce fruits is more than 10 years. According to this pre-feasibility study, 600 grape plants per acre will be cultivated. The estimated grape fruit production per acre would be 7,200 Kgs including 10%
wastage in year 1.

Grapes are grown under different varieties of soil and climatic conditions. Therefore, complete adherence to best agronomic practices as well as technical knowledge and experience of entrepreneur is extremely critical to the success of this project.

The cost for setting up the proposed grape farm is estimated at Rs. 4.27 million out of which Rs. 3.58 million is the capital cost and Rs. 0.69 million is for working capital. The project NPV is projected at Rs. 7.02 million, with an IRR of 48% and a Payback Period of 2.50 years.

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