Pickle Production, Processing, Packaging & Marketing [Rs. 3.15 million, Mar - 2018]

Pickle Production, Processing, Packaging & Marketing [Rs. 3.15 million, Mar - 2018]
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29 May 2018
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Pickles are considered the permanent part of the food table all over the Sub-Continent and its demand is rising after its production on commercial scale. Sub-continental spices, preserved foods and traditional methods of cooking and food making have always been attractive to the world particularly the western countries.

Traditionally in Pakistan and India homemade pickles have been used; however, rise in consumerism and urbanization has affected traditional food and cooking habits where people tend to use food products instantly available in the market. This trend is growing which has resulted in increase in the growth rate of whole sale and retail sector i.e. the growth rate of wholesale and retail trade is 6.82% and its share in GDP is 18.50% for the provisional year 2016-17 as reported by the economic survey of Pakistan. Growth in population (1.86% as per Economic Survey of Pakistan) is another proponent leveraging the potential in this sector for the investment, further aided by the growth in exports by 151% during 2016-17. A huge local market of more than 199 million consumers carries enormous potential for the investment in this business.

In comparison with other businesses, pickles have always been in consistent demand due to typical subcontinent spicy add-on food supplement, making meal incomplete without having some spicy taste. This signals substantial potential of this business and market growth largely depends on:

  • Population growth and demographics
  • Ratio of younger people in the population (according to 2017 census 21.2% belongs to age group of between 5 to 14 and 61.4% belongs to the age group of 15-59.)
  • Increase in urban life phenomenon; and
  • Switching from popular homemade pickles to ready to use foods.

Growth in above is the key determinant factor for investing in pickle business.

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