Intensive Goat Breeding Farm [Rs. 14.18 million, Jan-2021]

Intensive Goat Breeding Farm [Rs. 14.18 million, Jan-2021]
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18 June 2021
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The widening demand and supply gap makes the goat farming to be a profitable venture in Pakistan. This particular pre-feasibility provide the basic information for setting up an ‘Intensive Goat Breeding Farm’ in favorable rural or peri-urban areas for goat breeding in Pakistan. The proposed farm will ensure the breeding of disease free animal as it will overcome the disadvantage of bringing the diseases from the animal markets (Mandi).

The farm will start production with 190 adult breeding females for production which will remain same to keep the total population within the farm limits. The overall farm size at this capacity would be around 503 animals including young male and female progeny and female stock of breeding age. The number of adult breeding females has been kept limited because very large herd would be difficult to manage. This capacity is estimated to be economically viable and justifies the capital as well as operational cost of the project. However, entrepreneur’s knowledge of livestock farming, selection of good breed, maintain disease free stock and location of farm are the key success factors.

The total project cost is estimated at Rs. 14.184 million out of which Rs. 9.817 million is capital cost and Rs. 4.366 million is working capital. Considering all the assumptions on which the pre-feasibility has been built, the project generates an IRR, Payback and Net Present Value are 27%, 3.96 years and Rs. 6.878 million respectively as an equity financed business. The project will provide employment opportunities to 08 people including the Owner. The legal business status of this project is assumed to be ‘Sole Proprietorship.

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