Filling Station [Rs. 95.58 million, Mar-2021]

Filling Station [Rs. 95.58 million, Mar-2021]
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21 April 2021
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Filling Station is proposed to be located at in a crowded area or in a metropolis area where the fuel consumption is likely to be high and people are more dependent on transportation to travel from one place to another. Products include Petrol, High Octane and Diesel.

The annual sales capacity of the station will be 2.475 million liters of petrol, high octane & diesel, based on double-shift services. For financial projection Capacity utilization will be 75% in the first year; and increase at a rate of 5% annually and will be capped at 95%.

Total Cost Estimates is Rs. 95,587,313 with fixed investment Rs. 93,177,000 and working capital Rs. 2,410,313.

Given the cost assumptions IRR and payback are 23% and 6.15 years respectively.

The most critical considerations or factors for success of the project are: Customer satisfaction should be kept as priority, location of the project is of prime importance, continuous efforts should be made for up-gradation of the technology, management efficiency, product quality, Illegal trading of smuggled oil, cleanness of the facility and safety measures as per requirement will play key role in the success of the project.

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