Environmentally Controlled Poultry Farm (60,000 birds) [Rs. 54.57 million, Dec-2017]

Environmentally Controlled Poultry Farm (60,000 birds) [Rs. 54.57 million, Dec-2017]
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25 January 2018
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The Environmental Controlled Poultry Farm is a project of livestock sector, in which the Day Old Chicks (DOCs) are raised on high protein feed for an approximate period of six weeks. The entire specific requirement will be met by automatic operations of temperature control, feeding and nipple drinking system, which will be monitored by the concerned staff. Broiler farming in controlled environment is a profitable venture due to continuous increasing demand of the white meat in the market.

In this pre-feasibility study, all the calculations have been based on a flock size of 60,000 birds, with raising 7 flocks per year. These birds are kept in a double story shed of 20,880 Sq. ft each. Proposed space of a bird is 0.65 Sq. ft. Both rural and urban areas are suitable for this business. After brooding and rearing period, birds are sold on 'Live Body Weight' basis to traders, whole sellers or transported to urban markets. The farm gate price of the live bird is determined on daily basis.

An estimated investment of Rs 54.57 million is required, out of which capital investment is Rs. 41.15 million and working capital is Rs. 13.42 million. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) & Payback Period of the project are 24%, Rs. 20.45 million and 4.43 years respectively. The project is proposed to operate as a sole-proprietorship.

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