Environmental Controlled Layer Farm (65,520 Birds) [Rs. 127.78 million, Dec-2017]

Environmental Controlled Layer Farm (65,520 Birds) [Rs. 127.78 million, Dec-2017]
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24 January 2018
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In a commercial layer farm, Day Old Chicks (DOCs) of layer are procured from hatcheries and breeder companies. These are brooded and reared for a period of 140 days (4.60 months) after which, they start laying eggs for a period of next 476 days (15.65 months). On an average, one hen lays about 375-415 eggs. The price of egg varies with demand and supply and is generally higher in winter. As these birds stop laying or feed-efficiency drops, the layers are culled and sold in market determined on live body weight basis. Higher yields are achievable with better
farm management and better quality breeds.

Farm management in line with best husbandry practices is vital for the success of this business. All farm operations would be done with strict compliance to recommended husbandry practices including standard hygiene, proper temperature, and humidity, vaccination, medication, feeding and lighting management.

This Pre-feasibility Study is about establishing an environmentally controlled layer farm of 65,520 birds. Total estimated investment of Rs. 127.78 million is required, including capital investment of Rs. 116.69 million and working capital of Rs. 11.09 millions. This project is planned to be started on 50% debt and 50% equity basis. The Net Present Value (NPV) of the project is around Rs. 53.06 million with an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 25% and a Payback Period of 4.36 years. The project will generate direct employment for 22 persons. The legal status of this
business is proposed as ‘Partnership’.

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