Off-season Vegetables Farming (Low Tunnel) [Rs. 3.35 million, Mar-2016]

Off-season Vegetables Farming (Low Tunnel) [Rs. 3.35 million, Mar-2016]
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07 April 2016
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Tunnel farming is gaining popularity, and is being practiced in all regions of Pakistan.

The proposed project is a medium sized off-season vegetable farming unit, spreading over 9 acres. Off-season vegetables are proposed to be cultivated in this project using low tunnel technology. The three fruits and vegetables assumed to be cultivated in this particular project are Watermelon, Muskmelon and Round Gourd. The total time required for land preparation till the time for harvesting is around 7 months.

The estimated yield of the farm varies according to the crop mix selected. The proposed mix for this pre-feasibility will be cultivated on 9 acres of land. The quantity of seeds sown per acre each year is 600 grams for watermelon, 250 grams for Muskmelon and 1,000 grams for Round Gourd. The estimated produce would be 45 tons of watermelon, 36 tons of muskmelon and 15 tons of round gourd excluding 10% wastage.

Complete adherence to best agronomic practices as recommended is critical to the success of this project, therefore technical knowledge and experience of the entrepreneur is absolutely necessary.

The cost for setting up the proposed low tunnel farm is estimated at Rs. 3.35 million including fixed investment of Rs. 0.44 million and initial working capital of Rs. 2.91 million. The project NPV is Rs. 8.12 million and IRR is 66% with payback period of 1.68 years. The legal business status of this project is proposed as ‘Sole Proprietorship’.

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