Demography and Population

Population:                              110 Million (Estimated 17 Million Households)

Area:                                        205,345 km2 (26% of Pakistan’s total Land Mass)

Major Cities:                             Lahore (Provincial Capital), Faisalabad, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sialkot

Administrative Breakdown:      9 Divisions; 36 Districts; 146 Tehsils; 7,602 Union Councils

Economy of the Province

Gross Domestic Product (GDP): US$ 162 billion

GDP Breakdown:                        Agriculture 22%; Industry 22%; Services 60%

National Contributions:               Income 55%; Employment 61%; Exports 51%

Major Sectors:                            Automobiles, Textiles, Food Processing, Information Communications Technology, Iron & Steel, Light Engineering, Services 

Geographical Clustering of SMEs in Punjab

Bahawalpur:                             Cotton Ginning & Pressing, Handicrafts 

Daska:                                      Agricultural Implements

Faisalabad:                               Textiles, Power Looms, Agricultural Implements

Gujranwala:                              Aluminum Utensils, Ceramics, Home Appliances (Electric & Gas), Light Engineering, Sanitary Fittings

Gujrat:                                     Wooden Furniture, Electric Fan

Khewra and Quaid-e-Abad:     Salt and Salt Products

Lahore:                                  Auto Parts, Foundry Product, Food Processing, Textiles, Plastic Products, Information Communication Technology, Light Engineering, Services, Trading

Mandi Bahauddin:                    Rice Husking & Polishing, Auto Body Parts

Multan:                                    Bedwear, Handlooms, Handicrafts, Mangoes, Pesticides

Muzaffargarh:                           Dates

Okara:                                      Potato, Agriculture Implements

Rahim Yar Khan:                      Cotton Ginning, Seed Processing

Rawalpindi:                              Pharmaceuticals, Marble & Granite, Plastic Products

Sargodha:                                Citrus Processing, Electrical Fittings, Salt Products

Sialkot:                                     Sports Goods, Surgical Instruments, Leather Products, Sports Wear

Taxila:                                       Heavy Engineering Components and Parts, Clay Pottery

Wazirabad:                               Cutlery  

SMEDA Services for SMEs in Punjab

SMEDA Punjab acts as a facilitator of SME development and investment mobilization in the province.  The office collaborates with both federal as well as provincial level public sector organizations, private sector enterprises, academia, financial institutions, and donors agencies to promote the SME development activities in the province. SMEDA Punjab also executes and implements development projects in different industrial clusters to facilitate the SMEs as well as to foster job creation and attract private investment in the region. 

For general information and queries please send an email on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Regional Business Centers (RBCs)

SMEDA has established their Regional Business Centers (RBCs) in various major industrial cities of Punjab. For RBC Office contact details please use the following link.

RBC Offices

Training and Development Services

SMEDA Punjab Office runs a number of training programs throughout the year across the province. The market led, and demand driver programs are focused on addressing needs of specific industries. The programs aim to improve productivity, enhance skills, and increase revenues.

The updated training calendar can be accessed using the following links:

Training Calendar

NBDP Training Programs

Development Projects

SMEDA Punjab runs a number of projects aimed at supporting SMEs. These projects include:

SME Business Facilitation Center (SMEBFC), Multan

Product Development Centre for Sports Goods (PDC), Sialkot

Sports Industries Development Centre (SIDC), Sialkot


Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre (SBCC), Sialkot


Agro Food Processing Facilities (AFP), Multan


Gujranwala Business Center (GBC), Gujranwala


Key Support Institutions

Government of Punjab - https://www.punjab.gov.pk/

Industries, Commerce & Investment Department – https://www.icid.punjab.gov.pk/

Punjab Board of Investment and Trade - http://www.pbit.gop.pk/

Punjab Small Industries Corporation - http://www.psic.gop.pk/

Punjab Economic Research Institute - https://www.peri.punjab.gov.pk/

Punjab Information Technology Board - https://www.pitb.gov.pk/

Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority - http://www.tevta.gop.pk/

Punjab Development Statistics - http://www.bos.gop.pk/developmentstat

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