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Agribusiness Services

Agribusiness  Services at SMEDA (B&SDS) (Agriculture & Horticulture Sector)

SMEDA is a facilitating body working for the development of SMEs in the country. Business and Sector Development Services (B&SDS) department of the SMEDA is responsible to provide technical assistance to SMEs. Agribusiness Development Services of B&SDS is providing proactive technical and managerial assistance to agro SMEs in the country.

Future Initiatives

  • To improve productivity, competitiveness, market intelligence and to improve access to financing for small and medium agricultural enterprises (as timely availability of credit is the main hindrance in the productivity of Agri SMEs).
  • Increasing access to agribusiness finance available from financial institutions to agro-enterprises for new starter or enhancing capability of existing entrepreneurs.
  • Providing capacity building for horticulture and agriculture (agribusiness); streamlining the collection and dissemination of market information; strengthening agribusiness technical training capacity; upgrading institutional linkages (Private Public Partnerships, building awareness for the need to comply with international agricultural product standards and practices.
  • Revising and updating the agribusiness related regulatory policy issues and to formulate a national agribusiness policy in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.

    Stakeholders Involvement Plan
    For execution of the initiatives taken by Agribusiness Development Services SMEDA stakeholders from complete value chain will be involved in formulating Policy guidelines and future plan of action for enhancement of capabilities of Agro SMEs in Pakistan. Proposed stakeholders may include Farmers Associations, researchers at academia and at research stations, different Government departments involved in policy making or decision making process.

List of Agribusiness Development Service Providers

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