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SMEDA for Boosting Sports Industry

SMEDA will set up Product Development Centre (PDC) for Composite for tracking the local sports goods industry on modern production lines.

The proposed PDC project costing Rs498 million would be established within the premises of Sports Industry Development Centre (SIDC), said official sources here on Sunday. The step was being taken to enable the sports goods industry to adopt new manufacturing technologies including composite material and enter into the largest segment of sports goods exports which are presently 55% of the sports goods are based on composite materials, sources said.

The basic concept of setting up this proposed PDC was to provide services like product testing (physical and chemical), provide skilled workforce to the sector, enhance productivity by providing technical support services to new and existing industrial units, help develop imported machinery locally through reverse engineering and facilitate in increasing exports of composite based sports goods.

The proposed PDC will prepare the local industry to aggressively enter the international market of composite based sports items.

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