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PSDP Projects Punjab

PSDP Projects Punjab

1) Foundry Service Centre - Lahore

Partners & Contributions: UET Provided Land Measuring 3 Kanals & 16 Marlas

Start Date: October 2009

Completion Date: November 2016

Current Status: Project completed and handed over to UET, Lahore for continuity of its operations.

Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA), in collaboration with University of Engineering & Technology (UET) and Pakistan Foundry Association (PFA), established Foundry Service Centre (FSC) for providing training services as well as undertaking applied research for the development and production of prototype castings for foundry industry. The project was being funded by Government of Pakistan and the land for the project was provided by UET, Lahore. SMEDA as the project executing agency successfully completed the project execution for establishing the Foundry Service Centre and handed over the centre to UET, Lahore for continuity and sustainability of the centre.

FSC facilitates in addressing the issue of acute shortage of trained and qualified workforce, lack of designing, simulation, testing and prototype development because in the absence of these facilities casting and pattern design totally rely on the trial and error experimentation method leading to high wastages before final product. This centre helps to increase awareness in production as well as different manufacturing routes in local foundry industry so as to compete in international market.

The center is designed specifically as a common facility center to provide impetus towards the development and growth of the foundry sector. It offers a wide range of services including the following at nominal rates to the industry:

·    Design and Casting Simulation Services
·    Computerized Patternmaking
·    Conventional Machining
·    Prototype Production
·    Materials Testing & Inspection
·    Casting Crack Detection
·    Sand Testing
·    Physical Testing
·    Chemical Analysis
·    Metallographic Testing
·    Consultancy Services
·    Floor shop level/ Industrial visit
·    Training Services
·    Melting and Casting Facilities

Other Need Based Training as per industry requirements

2) Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre

Estimated Cost: Rs. 312.94 Million

Partners: Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Start Date: March 2009

Current Status: Project implementation delayed due to non-availability of funds. Project is under execution now.


Keeping in view the importance of display and export potential of SMEs in Sialkot City, this project is related to setting up a Common Facility Center. Apart from product display the Business Centres provide a venue for business meetings, facilitate business to business communication using modern facilities e.g. internet, fax, and other e-commerce tools. Sialkot Business and Commerce Centre (SBCC) will be an eight story building with total covered area of approximately 101,823 sq ft.


Sialkot Business & Commerce Centre, Sialkot will be a shared facilityand will offer following services:

  • Display Stalls Space
  • Convention Centre and Meeting Room
  • Temporary Office Space Facilities
  • Residential Rooms
  • Business Facilitation Centre
  • Marketing Services


Main objectives of the project are to promote and export of products from Sialkot based Industries, provision of business infrastructure facility for exporters especially SMEs and provide One-Stop-Shop for International buyers.

3) Sports Industries Development Centre - Sialkot

Estimated Cost: Rs. 435.63 Million

Current Status: Project Completed and is now Operational, Rendering Services to the Local Sports Goods Industry


Setting up the Sports Industries Development Center (SIDC) is the core initiative in the strategy of infusing Mechanized inflatable ball technology in the local industry. The installed capacity on single shift basis is 3,500 balls per day (Thermo balls, Basket Balls, American Balls, Volley Balls and Bladders). However, it may be enhanced in two shifts depending on the need.


SIDC is providing following facilities/services to SMEs:

  • Technical know how & reverse engineering of thermo laminated machinery
  • Prototype sample development & manufacturing of all sizes NR / SR bladders, basket balls and thermo laminated balls of all sizes
  • Mold making services
  • Laboratory facility for testing of raw material and all kind of balls as per FIFA standards
  • IPR facilitation


  • All machines for manufacturing of bladders, basket ball, volley ball and thermo laminated ball are installed and are now providing services to the local industry.
  • Manufactured almost 300,000 bladders, 5,000 Thermo balls, 10,000 basket balls for the local industry till 30th June 2015, also developed samples of American Balls.
  • Providing facility of yarn winding with moulding of bladders to the local industry.
  • Providing laboratory facility for testing of raw material & all kind of balls as per FIFA standards.
  • Providing workshop facility to local industry. Workshop is equipped with latest machinery, such as EDM spark erosion, CNC wire cut, CNC laser cutting machine, etc.


  • Facilitate in sustaining Pakistan’s position in International market of inflatable balls in general and soccer ball in particular.
  • Develop prototype sample & manufacturing of bladders, thermo balls, basket balls and valley balls for the industry.
  • Training of workers in mould/rubber technologies / mechanized ball.
  • Provision of manufacturing facilities for SMEs to secure their export orders for mechanized inflatable balls.
  • Develop quality vulcanization and pasting molds.
  • To develop imported machinery for thermo mechanized balls locally through reverse engineering.
  • Provide services for reverse engineering.
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