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Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets "The Export Answer Book"
Small and medium sized exporters, irrespective of their geographical location are confronted with similar questions about the export procedures. These questions need to be answered for an SME to export successfully. SMEDA has taken up the task to develop guidelines, which will help Pakistani SMEs to successfully enter into the world market.
" Trade Secrets- The export answer book for small and medium sized exporters" is a joint publication of SMEDA and the ITC (International Trade Center). It is based on a generic version prepared by ITC and has been customized under ITC guidance by SMEDA to meet the needs of the existing and potential exporters in Pakistan. This handbook is the result of extensive interaction with a large number of small and medium sized industries, export houses, educational institutions, libraries, relevant government departments and other organizations. A national level survey was carried out and focus groups were held throughout the country, to gather information on most frequently asked questions by the exporters. The research and compilation of factual details and in-country resources was then finalized by SMEDA.

Trade Secrets is primarily a reference book for small and medium sized exporters, which provides a comprehensive overview of the export process and practical information on aspects of export operations such as standard practices, procedures, sources of assistance and supplementary material. Using a question answer format, this book features 126 most frequently asked questions regarding the export process for which answers are not easily found. The resources, which accompany each question and answer, will enable the reader to delve deeper into a particular topic.

    List of subjects covered in Trade Secrets

1. Making the Decision to Export
2. Export Planning
3. Identifying Country Markets
4. Customer Targeting
5. Buyer Search through Internet
6. Cultural Issues
7. Agents & Distributors
8. Contract Documents
9. Quality
10. Pricing
11. Financing & Payments
12. Packaging & Labeling
13. Transportation & Documentation
14. Clearing & Forwarding Agents
15. Importing Inputs for Exports
16. Environmental Issues
17. Human Resource Development
18. Ministries, CBR & Customs (Government Departments)
19. WTO
20. Sector Specific Issues


  • Export Process - Flow Chart
  • Exports of Pakistan
  • Top Ten Exports of Pakistan
  • Imports of Pakistan
  • Pakistan's Export by Region & Country
  • Trade Pattern of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Textile Items under Quota
  • Web sites for obtaining Market Information on a particular Country/Area
  • Important Business Internet Addresses
  • Export Promotion Bureau
  • Information & Advisory Centers (IACP)
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Pakistan
  • Pakistan Trade Offices Abroad
  • Foreign Missions in Pakistan
  • Import Promotion Offices and Similar Organizations that Provide Assistance to Exporters
  • Yellow Pages
  • Government – Semi Government Agencies & Organizations
  • Consultancy and ISO Certification Organizations
  • Insurance Companies
  • Clearing and Forwarding Agents
  • Trading Houses
  • Consumer and Investment Banks
  • Foreign Banks
  • Leasing Companies
  • Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce
  • Principal Trademark Statutes - UAE
  • New Patent Application Procedure in Pakistan
  • New Trade Mark Application Procedure in Pakistan
  • Foreign Trade Consultants
  • Major Institutes of Pakistan Offering Business Education
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Useful Internet Sites
  • List of Search Engines
  • List of Land Locked Countries
  • List of Countries with Hub Ports

Who is it for?

  • Businesses currently exporting that seek to expand foreign markets
  • Businesses currently strong domestically and want to expand their business to international markets
  • Small business consultants needing a quick reference guide on the most commonly asked questions on international trade
  • Students and instructors needing a comprehensive overview of international trade

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