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How to Approach Banks

Table of Contents

    Assessing financial needs

1. Do you really need to barrow?
2. The advantages and drawbacks of borrowing
3. Do you have sufficient equity capital?
4. Fixed Assets?
5. Working Capital?
6. Determining your working capital requriments
7. Reducing your unproductive current assets
8. Increasing your current liabilities at little or no extra cost.

    Methods of payments and financing techniques

9. Local trading.
10. Islamic modes of financing in Pakistan.
11. International trading.
12. Other facilities and services available.

    Whom to approach for short-term finance

13. Financial institutions
14. Specialised institutions
15. Development banks and finance institutions
16. Export credit guarantee agencies
17. support from goverments and trade associations
18. Financing schemes

    How to approach lenders

19. Banks' lending criteria
20. presenting your request for a short-Term Loan
21. What a bank needs to know about you
22. Guarantees or collateral you can offer

    Legal issues

23. Obtaining the most favourable terms
24. improving your negotiating position
25. What to do in case of default
26. Negotiating new terms

    Loan contracts and legal documentations

27. The loan contract or agreement
28. Documentation on security
29. Amendments to legal documents
30. Documents used in documentary credit Transactions