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Guidelines on Business Plan Template

1.     What is a business plan and how it helps?

  1. It is the face of your business; It helps to attract clients, investors and strategicpartners
  2. It is a living document; You should review it after any change in external or internal factors
  3. First step for fine tuning your ideas for practical implementation into a functioningbusiness
  4. Acts as a ‘How to’ guide for running yourbusiness
  5. Helps you map options for best and worst casescenarios

2.     How to develop a business plan?

  1. Know your business: Research your market, product / service, targetcustomer
  2. Create your identity: Company/ Business mission,vision
  3. Structure your thoughts: Write your business plan

3.     Key features of a good business plan

Think about the following before and after you’ve written every section:

  1. Description of your project and product
  2. Marketing Plan: Product, customer profile, distribution channel and proposed location, pricing, promotion and advertising.
  3. Operational Plan: Production, location, Inventory, Credit, Payables
  4. Management and Organization: Competitive strengths, Legal form and structure
  5. StartupExpensesanCapitalization:EstimatingPreOps,Contingenciesandunforeseen
  6. FinancialPlan:RecommendusingprofessionalhelpforIncomeStatement,BalanceSheetand Cash flow
  7. Appendices;AdviceonappendingusefulwrittenmaterialstoBusinessPlan
  8. Refining the Plan; Advice on how to create a plan specifically suited to the applicant’s business

Note: Business plan Guide is attached for your guidance and assistance

4.     Who will develop a business plan?

  1. The entrepreneur may use professional help however we strongly advise the entrepreneurs to do it themselves
  2. Technical advice from private sector experts / Govt. institutions,listed on SMEDA’s website.

5.     How SMEDA can help

  1. Provide guidelines and explain how to develop a business plan. Refer to a relatedpre-feasibility
  2. Refer to government institutions, private sector experts / institutions, secondary resource materials, SMEDA website www.smeda.org
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