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Technical Services

Primary Services:

1. New SME start up technological process selection help.

2. Once process decided upon then help in selection of brand new/second machines to stay inside a certain capital investment cost range.

3. Help in defining job descriptions of technical labour force.

4. Help in start up of the manufacturing / production process by selection of helpful consultants.

5. Inspection of first production batches for achieving proposed quality standards of manufactured product.


Secondary Services:

Upgradation of existing production lines.

Improvement in quality of Product to achieve customer requirement/standards.

Help in cutting down electricity and natural gas bills by retraining  work force to think on Conserving Utilities.

Sectoral Services:

  • Quality standards.
  • Materials Inspection
  • Selection of alternate grade materials in steel, brass, aluminum etc.
  • Materials Testing.
  • Gauging selection for production line inspection.
  • Ginning process upgradation
  • Fishing boat upgradation.
  • Improving 2 wheeler and 3 wheelers specs.
  • Improvement in testing and inspection of Surgical Instruments Knives and Cutlery, Electrical Fans.
  • Materials selection for Agricultural Implements.
  • Advice on Heat Treatment/Forging/Casting based on material selected at hand.


Informational Services:

  • Advice on how to export engineered goods to African markets.


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