Establishment of Spinning CFC - Islampur Swat


To provide support to the cluster activities in the shape of technical know how on the subject to improve their product quality enhancing local demand and bringing them to international standards for export.

  • To provide the cluster with innovative methods of wool spinning resulting in cost reduction and time saving.
  • To enhance employment opportunities for the available workforce in the region.
  • Provide market linkages locally and for export with information and facilitation for enhancing the income base of the producers in the cluster.
  • To provide technical support to Spinning unit/plant as a common facility for providing woolen raw material for the weaving of Shawls, Suits and Kadher making units in the cluster.
  • To enhance the capacity of the local artisans through hands on training in the production process of Shawls, Suits and Kadher in the cluster.


Islampur weaving cluster is involved in the production of woolen products since centuries. This cluster is famous not only in NWFP but in the whole country for producing quality hand woven products including shawls and scarves. Shawls are being produced in different areas of District Swat and also in Malakand now, however the biggest cluster is in the village of Islampur from where the product got popularity.

Islampur cluster encompasses 250 small hand weaving units employing more than 2000 locals. The produce of the cluster is considered best in the country in terms of its quality. The people of the area work very hard for producing these hand made products. Though the technology of power looms is being used in many other clusters, Islampur locals still produce their products using handlooms thus making the cloth they produce of superior quality. Most of the products made are sold in the local or regional markets and in limited quantity it is also exported to UK and other countries.


A Common Facility Center (CFC) providing spinning facilities is proposed to be housed within the cluster to facilitate more than 250 SMEs. In the CFC, the raw wool purchased by the unit owners will be processed for spinning. The establishment of CFC would not only result in the timely availability of quality raw material to the weavers but will also increase productivity.


The main machinery in the proposed CFC includes these facilities:

  • Card Machine
  • Ring Machine
  • Rack Machine
  • Winder

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