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SME Subcontracting Exchange - Gujranwala


Main objectives of establishing a Subcontracting Exchange is making SMEs competitive through developing inter-firm linkages, promoting large scale manufacturing to procure/subcontract from smaller firms in clusters facilitating Small Enterprise creation & growth. Other objectives of the project may include:

  • Strengthening backward & forward linkages
  • Developing inter-firm linkages
  • Business Match making
  • Induce competition among vendors:
  • Small enterprise growth through graduation to higher levels of technology & integration with global supply chains


The light engineering sector consists of home appliances manufacturing, fabricated metal products, metal forging & fabrication, auto parts, surgical instruments, textile machinery and others. In the light engineering fan cluster alone (Gujranwala/Gujrat), 89% assembling units operate as small sized units, 8% assembling units are medium sized while only 3% are large sized quality fan core makers and recognized brand assembly units (4 to 7). Small units comprise 47% of total electrical fan assembly, followed by assembling volume of medium sized assemblers (25%) and large sized assembling units (28%). Similarly, in the surgical sector, there are between 2000 – 3000 vendors employing more than 50,000 people.


The Subcontracting Exchange shall serve as a conduit for technology transfer and raising technology levels prevalent in the industry at present. It shall induce large enterprises & TNCs to invest in small vending industry to meet their own requirements. The Subcontracting Exchange will initially target 2 -3 sectors of the vending industry feeding the light engineering manufacturing sector


SME Subcontracting Exchange shall facilitate in:

  • Developing Technical database detailing capacities of SMEs
  • Providing Common Facilities to SMEs for R&D, testing and quality standardization through other public sector funded initiatives
  • Organizing events to bring together SMEs and LEs for understanding each other’s needs and requirements
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