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Sports Industries Development Centre - Sialkot


  • Facilitate in sustaining Pakistan’s position in International market of inflatable balls in general and soccer ball in particular.
  • Develop prototype sample & manufacturing of bladders, thermo balls, basket balls and valley balls for the industry.
  • Training of workers in mould/rubber technologies / mechanized ball.
  • Provision of manufacturing facilities for SMEs to secure their export orders for mechanized inflatable balls.
  • Develop quality vulcanization and pasting molds.
  • To develop imported machinery for thermo mechanized balls locally through reverse engineering.
  • Provide services for reverse engineering.


Sialkot is internationally known as a producer of good quality products in sports, surgical instruments, leather garments, gloves & accessories, sportswear and musical instruments. Around 400,000 plus people are engaged directly or indirectly with export activities. Annual export earnings of the city are around US $ 1 Billion.

Sports goods sector is the main export sector of the city with total exports of US $ 450 million per annum. Sialkot caters to around 70% of total world demand of hand stitched inflatable balls which translates into around 40 million balls annually worth US $ 210 million. These balls are produced by a workforce of nearly 60,000 and exported to world markets by 1,000 plus entrepreneurs, majority of which fall under SME definition.


Setting up the Sports Industries Development Center (SIDC) is the core initiative in the strategy of infusing Mechanized inflatable ball technology in the local industry. The installed capacity on single shift basis is 3,500 balls per day (Thermo balls, Basket Balls, American Balls, Volley Balls and Bladders). However, it may be enhanced in two shifts depending on the need.


SIDC is providing following facilities/services to SMEs:

  • Technical know how & reverse engineering of thermo laminated machinery
  • Prototype sample development & manufacturing of all sizes NR / SR bladders, basket balls and thermo laminated balls of all sizes
  • Mold making services
  • Laboratory facility for testing of raw material and all kind of balls as per FIFA standards
  • IPR facilitation


  • All machines for manufacturing of bladders, basket ball, volley ball and thermo laminated ball are installed and are now providing services to the local industry.
  • Manufactured almost 300,000 bladders, 5,000 Thermo balls, 10,000 basket balls for the local industry till 30th June 2015, also developed samples of American Balls.
  • Providing facility of yarn winding with moulding of bladders to the local industry.
  • Providing laboratory facility for testing of raw material & all kind of balls as per FIFA standards.
  • Providing workshop facility to local industry. Workshop is equipped with latest machinery, such as EDM spark erosion, CNC wire cut, CNC laser cutting machine, etc.


Mr. Muhammad Sarwar Hanif
Project Director - SIDC
14-KM, Motra Adjacent to Imam Bukhari University, Daska, District Sialkot
Cell: 0300-5528285
Tel: 052-6227309-10
Fax: 052-6227311
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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