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The main objective of the project is to consume the left over waste of ginning industry to produce useful raw material for next processes. The proposed facility aims to consume waste of cotton spinning industry in the form of card fly and dropping to convert it into valuable market product.  The project would enhance the competitiveness of ginning and spinning industry of this region. It will also create job opportunities for the people of southern Punjab.


Textile is the most important sector of the economy. Pakistan textile industry having strong spinning and weaving infrastructure is the fourth biggest cotton producer in the world. This is the only sector that consumes the major workforce of textile industry and contributes toward high growth rate in exports. Cotton is the backbone for textile industry and southern Punjab is the largest cotton producing area of Pakistan.

Countries like China and India are successfully producing low grade yarn from leftover of cotton ginning and spinning industry. These wastes are for relatively low value goods which often have a very short useful life. If a higher value and more durable use are found for these wastes, then much more of these wastes will be used which will reduce the waste stream into landfills and waste incineration facilities. This invention is the use of any and all of these wastes for the manufacture of yarns of enough quality, and thus higher value, for use in the weaving and related industries. Specifically, this invention involves the use of pre-consumer and post-consumer fabric/apparel waste in the manufacture of average grade yarns using a process that is economically feasible on a commercial scale.


This proposed pilot project will be basically a concept to convert the national waste into valuable asset through R&D and Skill development. The success of this project will result in the establishment of various similar smaller units in all cotton/textile related activity areas of the country.


The proposed R&D approach of utilizing cotton ginning and spinning industry lint waste into average grade coarser yarn will provide profitable output readily consumable in next value chain of textile industry. It will also provide employment opportunities for the people of remote areas at their doorsteps. The resultant sustainable livelihood will be a key for poverty alleviation and preservation of the environment. The process of the subject invention involves making coarser count yarns upto 12/s either completely from 100% recycled cotton textile waste, or using a combination of ginning leftover cotton lint and recycled cotton, together with artificial fibre waste to spun yarns for the weaving and related textile sectors/sub sectors.

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