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Revival of Hyderabad Leather Footwear Center - Hyderabad


The objective of this project is to revive Hyderabad Leather Footwear Center (HLFC) and provide training and business development services in various aspects of leather footwear manufacturing to the existing and aspiring footwear workers enabling them to produce high quality, standardized products.


Hyderabad, the second biggest city of Sindh, had a thriving Footwear cluster. However this Cluster is going through a decline phase for the past few years.  But there appears to be tremendous potential for revival of the cluster. There are 38 footwear manufacturing units making shoes and boots and around 60 smaller workshops making sandals and slippers etc. in the cluster. Total footwear production by this cluster amounts to around 14 million pairs annually, which is the third largest in the country after Lahore and Karachi. At present the sector is unable to meet the local demand for footwear products, as is evident through the immense amount of imports of footwear from China. Moreover, the increased competition from foreign products, which clearly enjoy an edge of their local counterparts, both in quality and price with the lower tariffs is taking away a substantial amount of business from the local manufacturers.


The HLFC, which was established in 1989, with a $1.1 million grant from UNIDO was closed in 2000. The revival of this Center will give a tremendous boost to the Footwear Cluster of Hyderabad.  This institute will enable the Hyderabad footwear cluster to develop and nurture through its various training, consultation, incubation and display facilities.


The Institute itself will employ about 13 persons (direct employment) and estimated indirect employment generation is about 300. The HLFC will offer the following services:

  • To produce a skilled pool of human resources through various training programs.
  • To provide support and facilitation to the local footwear industry through consultancy services.
  • To encourage and support the growth of new enterprises through its incubators and display facilities.
  • To introduce more suitable techniques and technology into the industry
  • to encourage and support the cluster to enter export markets by producing high quality products
  • To better utilize the available raw material and skilled workmanship
  • Support Services for the local Industry
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