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Policy & Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (PPIMEU) Lahore


The objective of the project is to oversee implementation of the SME Policy & PSDP funded projects undertaken by SMEDA.


PSDP Funded Projects

Under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP), SMEDA has an outlay of 28 projects to be implemented by SMEDA amounting to Rs. 2.818 Billion.

Implementation of SME Policy

The Project is an outcome of Asian Development Bank funded “SME Sector Development Program (SMESDP)”. Establishment of a dedicated Policy, Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation Unit is only logical after the development and approval from the Cabinet on January 17, 2007 of Pakistan’s first SME Policy. PPIMEU shall maintain focus, coherence, coordination of activities & projects as part of SME Policy Implementation Plan and also analyze the impact of GoP interventions for monitoring SME development in Pakistan.


The project would consist of the following two strands:

i)             SME Policy - Policy Implementation & Monitoring

  • Surveys, Impact Assessment of SME Policy & Research Studies
  • Stakeholder consultation, coordination & capacity building
  • Access to resources & services
  • Monitoring SME Development

ii)            PSDP Projects – Project Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation

  • to support in project proposals development (PC-Is) to SMEDA regional offices.
  • to monitor and oversee implementation of projects in accordance with the given objectives, identify problems if any and recommending rectification measures.
  • to coordinate with MoI&P, Planning Commission and other relevant Govt. Agencies on matters related to PSDP projects
  • to carry out evaluations measuring effectiveness and doing impact assessment of completed Projects, with the objective to ensure value for money
  • to deal with planning, funding and implementation of all PSDP projects.
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