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Meat Processing & Training Company (MPTC ) - Multan


  • Provision of professional training facilities to the local human resource (Male & Female) as Certified Butchers for sustainable livelihood opportunities in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Enhancing competitiveness and productivity of local livestock and poultry
  • Economic empowerment of marginalized sections of society, including women and landless rural population, through skill development and provision of opportunities for income generation.
  • Export of trained, qualified and certified Muslim Butchers to USA, UK and Middle East
  • Export of Halal Meat and Meat Products
  • Generation of new Tax potential through new unconventional industrial and business activities
  •  Establishment of state of the art R&D Centre and Food Lab.


There is a huge shortage of slaughter animals for meat supply. The animal growth cycle needs a certain period to fill the gap made by slaughtered animals but rapid increase in daily use, change in consumption patterns, use of more meat in food table and economic up lift has increased the demand by many folds resulting in slaughtering of premature animals, poor carcass quality and quantity wise and increase in price. If this practice continued, there would be a huge gap between supply and demand, forcing the import of meat at large scale. At present small ruminant i.e. sheep and goats are mainly coming from the range/rain fed areas such as southern Punjab. Southern Punjabhas a cultural and economic tradition of sheep and goat breeding. The tradition can be converted into profitable business activity capable of creating sustainable employment opportunities. Poultry industry can get better organized if their produce is purchased by the processing industry from their door steps.


The project is aimed at providing support to the smaller local sheep and goat breeders at their doorstep and also creates the market of this local product in the country and abroad as in foreign countries like USA, UK and Middle East, a huge demand for Halal meat exists. Butchery training centre will create new avenues of jobs for the local people through specialized skilled butchers which are in big demand from USA, UK and Middle East etc. (there is no certified recognized butchery institute in Pakistan and the country is losing numerous international job opportunities).


Detail of supports to be established through this project is as under:

  • Butchery Training Centre
  • Research & development with food lab
  • Modern Slaughter House as Common Facility Centre (CFC)
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