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Revival of Multani Blue Pottery - Multan


  • Revival of traditional craft of Blue Pottery industry/sector.
  • Enhancing Competitiveness and Productivity of the Blue Pottery Industry in the Southern Punjab.
  • Economic Empowerment of marginalized section of society including women, and landless village artisans, through skill development and provision of opportunities for income generation
  • Training of artisans on modern lines in Blue Pottery
  • Establishment of state of the art R&D centre
  • Product development and diversification within above mentioned sector


Multan has the historical and cultural heritage of Blue Pottery and“Multani Mitti” (Clay) is traditional local craft of the area. This approach will provide employment opportunities to the existing artisan and the newly created workforce trained through R&D at their doorsteps. The resultant sustainable livelihood will be a key for poverty alleviation and preservation of the heritage. For effective implementation of the concept, it is imperative to focus on backward areas of the country, and develop indigenous products


Proposed project is a Public Private Partnership for the preservation of Multan’s legendary heritage of Blue Pottery and generation of economic activity through skill development, job opportunities and access to local/international markets. The project will lead to the establishment of a research, development and training facility for Blue Pottery artisans and trial production of products utilizing modern technologies. Furthermore a well equipped business centre would locate the potential domestic and international markets. This will be a pilot project and later on the activity can be extended for bigger scopes of education, training and production.


 The project is aimed at providing support to SME’s in improving the quality of work. Details of supports to be extended through this centre are as under

  • Research & Development Centre
  • Training Centre/Pilot production unit
  • Business Centre
  • Common Facility Centre (CFC)
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