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Khadi Crafts Development Company (KCDC) - Multan


  • To revive traditional craft of khadi industry/sector
  • Enhancing Competitiveness and Productivity of the Khadi Industry in Southern Punjab.
  • Economic Empowerment of marginalized sections of society including women, and landless village artisans, through skill development and provision of opportunities for income generation.
  • To train and promote skilled labor in khadi sector.


Khadi is a handspun and hand-woven cloth traditionally made from cotton. However, it is also made from silk or woolen yarn or a combination of any yarn types. Khadi over the decades has moved from cheaper village fabric to a fashion garment. Pakistani khadi can be competitor of Egyptian cotton in the international market. The project envisions manufacturing of high value exclusive textile products for domestic and international markets. Conventional khadi and charkha are inadequate to produce suitable products for potential export market. Therefore, customized version of this equipment is to be developed after research.


Through this project, local heritage/crafts/village products for economic activity in the under developed regions of Southern Punjab will be developed. To achieve the objective, centers will be established to build capacity of rural communities and add value to approximately two million meters of fabric per month through hand and machine khadi. In addition, it will establish and maintain minimum 10 field units along with a head quarter in Multan. The project aims to provide around 3,052 direct employment opportunities to women and men, besides building capacity of training artisans for the khadi sector.


  • The project will have a dedicated marketing department to establish contacts primarily with international and also with domestic buyers. It would also help to provide input regarding international market trends, materials, packaging, etc. It would chalk out a marketing strategy supported by annual target oriented plans.
  • The in-house display center will exhibit products manufactured by the craftsman working in field units. It would serve as one stop shop for international and domestic buyers.
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