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Juice Producing and Packaging Line for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables - Multan


  • Production and packaging of fruits and vegetables juices
  • Improve the market share of the local fruit and vegetable juices by utilizing efficient marketing practices
  • Conduct research & development  for producing new and improved fruits and vegetable juices
  • Provision of quality/healthy  juices for domestic and international market
  • Economic empowerment of marginalized section of society including women by providing opportunities for income generation
  • Training of local growers of fruits and vegetables on establishing facilities for value added products (fruit and vegetable juices)


Agriculture sector is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy employing 44.7 % of the work force. Nature has blessed Pakistan with an ideal climate for growing a large variety of fruits and vegetables. This sector is directly or indirectly contributing 21.8% towards GDP. Pakistan has a total fruit production of about 6,011,228 tons and total vegetable production of about 5,719,527 tons during the year 2006-07. The production of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan has often not been accompanied by appropriate post-harvest management and processing for value added products. Poor post harvest handling causes huge loses to growers as well. According to Agriculture Department, 30% of vegetables/fruits are wasted due to negligence and lack of processing facilities.

Multan region of Southern Punjab is famous for producing premium quality fruits and vegetables especially mangoes and possesses considerable share in the country’s total fruit and vegetable production. This has the potential of earning handsome by processing indigenous produce into value added products like juices. With the spread of education, change in habits of populace, growth in working women force and increase in per capita income & urbanization, the demand for processed vegetable/fruit products including juices is increasing progressively.


To utilize the pulp of fresh fruits and vegetables for the production of juices and create new avenues of employment opportunities for the economic revival of Pakistan in general and the backward region of Southern Punjab in particular, a joint venture operation between MoI&P and Private sector is proposed. The project will lead to the establishment of a production, packaging, research & development and training facility for value added juice products. Furthermore, well managed marketing practices would locate the potential domestic and international markets for local produce. This will be a pilot project and later on the activity can be extended for bigger scopes of production.


The project is aimed at quality juice production providing health benefits to consumers and gain market share of the juice segment. Detail of activities to be established through this project is as under:

  • Production and packaging of fruit and vegetable juices
  • Research & development with food lab
  • Marketing Management
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