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Washing & Pressing Unit - Matta Mughal Kheal, Charsada


To provide a Common Facility for Shawls, Suits and Kadher making cluster of Matta Mughal Kheal, Charsadad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa making them social and environmental standard compliant.


Matta Mughal Khel is located in District Charsadda, which is at a distance of about 30km from Peshawar. At Matta Mughal Khel, a traditional cloth, called Kadher, is made. This product has been manufactured here, for centuries, through handlooms. The skill of making this cloth was introduced by people who had migrated from other parts of the Province, such as Malakand Division and Bajawar Agency. Kadher is a warm fabric, worn in winters. Its production starts in the month of May and is supplied to the Market in winter season. Supply starts in September. The fabric is made at different localities in District Charsadda, such as Rajjar, Utmanzai, Matta Mughal Khel etc. However, the cluster at Matta Mughal Khel is the largest, with more than six hundred and fifty units operating here. Kadher is a product that is fast gaining recognition and prestige not only at the national level but also at the international level. The product, being warm, comfortable and attractive has a lot of demand. Also, the traditional value attached to it, adds to its charm. The product is appreciated by foreigners and has great export potential. With slight modifications and more variety in terms of colors and designs, this product can be promoted at the international level. Presently weavers get professional dry cleaning services from Rawalpindi/ Islamabad which results in higher transportation and time costs.


Conventional way of washing without machines which is currently practiced in the area result in red sore cracked feet. Machine based washing will make the working environment healthier and for export oriented units making them social and environmental standard compliant. Unlike the present washing practice, the CFC will have a proper drainage system making the environment healthier.


  • Washing and Pressing plant at the proposed location will provide this service to the weaving cluster at their doorstep and therefore will significantly reduce the cost of production and improve quality of products that are also health and environment compliant
  • Washing and pressing plant will be a common facility for Shawls, Suits and Kadher making cluster
  • A more presentable and improved product will open up new markets especially export oriented markets for the sector


Mr. Muhammad Rashid Aman
Project Director
SMEDA Regional Office
Ground Floor, State Life Building, The Mall, Peshawar Cantt.
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